Four Favorite Point and Shoot Cameras on Meylah

Four Favorite Point and Shoot Cameras on Meylah

Written by Jason Dirks on May 24, 2010, originally posted on Meylah:

Do you ever struggle with getting the perfect photograph of your products and wonder why the just don't look as good as they do in person? Most likely the answer is yes and it's probably due to how and where you are shooting your products as well as editing the final images, but it may also be due to your camera.


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  • Oct 27, 2010
Etsytactular on Unanimous Craft

I am one of your fellow crafters sellling my wares in Etsy. When I first learned about the Etsy API, I played with it and decided to write a little web page to help me figure out who my potential customers are and where they are located.

I did a little research and found, and I reviewed the sites and found them very useful but I wanted to have a different way to present the data that the Etsy API has made available.

Artmuse offers an affordable way to collect the art of contemporary artists through limited and open edition prints. We are a curated gallery and dedicated to discovering unique, compelling, and talented artists from around the world to showcase weekly. We look for artists that show continuity within their vision and perspective. All of our artists are committed to their pursuit and craft of artistic, philosophic, and intellectual discovery — maybe even have a twist of humor there, too.

My Bonnie & Clyde

My Bonnie & Clyde on Unanimous Craft

I am an artist, and I'm interested in consignment with my bonnie & clyde...Why should I sign up?

We do all the work, so you don't have to! You don't have to worry about setting up your own company, website, merchant account, advertising, etc. You don't have to figure out taxes, fees, shipping, and so on. This gives you the freedom to concentrate on making the art, not distributing it!

What are the fees for consignment?

SmallerBox: The Case for Adding Human Models to your Product Photos and Web Design

Smaller Box Article on Unanimous Craft

Smaller Box, February 22, 2010: Here and there you’ll see debate crop up about whether customers want to see human models on websites or in product photos. The naysayers will usually have a germaphobic argument about not wanting to buy something another human touched/wore/looked at/etc.