Bust Craftacular Los Angeles (Summer 2014): My Pick to Win the Whole Thing

Bust Craftacular LA 2014

My husband, Doug, and I traveled to the land of strip malls and horrible - known by people who love it as Los Angeles. I don't love it. The only thing I love about it is that I have some close friends who have chosen to live part of their lives there -- so I get to see those dummies. I also love that there are opportunities to see amazing comics just doing open mics and showcases around town like the comics in Seattle - but better.

Craftcation 2014: Day Four -- Or, This City is Made for Me.

Are you kidding me Ventura? Are you kidding me?

Seriously Ventura? Seriously?

How is it possible that my soul mate is a city and not an actual human being of some kind? Walking back from lunch today, we ran across this sign for a Fart Show. My heart swelled. I think I'm in love. 

Today has been a blurry-blur face. After just about four hours of shut eye, I wandered blearily to the hotel restaurant for an early morning breakfast with some crafty idols.

Crafty Bastards 2013: My Picks to Win the Whole Thing

Crafty Bastards

I'm heading out on an epic train trip to Crafty Bastards in Washington D.C. I leave at 4 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. It's 10:30 p.m. I haven't packed. I thought I had laundry going but it turns out that I never turned on the dryer and now it's that time of day when the condo association hands out $200 fines for doing laundry. Rats. I hate rules.

Compass Rose Grand Opening

Compass Rose - Grand Opening Party in Tacoma


Compass Rose - Tacoma
3815 North 26th Street
United States

Last month I traveled out to Tacoma, WA for the grand opening of Compass Rose. Their first location was in Olympia, WA and everyone and their brother raves about it. When I heard they were opening a second location in Tacoma, WA, I made plans to take a nice little train trip and make a day of it.

Urban Craft Uprising, Summer 2013: The Organizers Speak Out

Urban Craft Uprising, Summer 2013: The Organizers Speak Out

Urban Craft Uprising is just around the corner (July 13th and 14th to be exact). This is my second favorite show of the year. My first: UCU Holiday show - of course! I start to get weep-ey when I think of all the talent they manage to squoosh into one big room. It's dizzying. This year I asked the organizers if they would set down their to-do lists for a few minutes and sucumb to some interview question from yours truely. They agreed.

Craftcation: Days 3 & 4 (and then much weeping)

Craftcation Days 3 & 4 (and much weeping)

The last two days of Craftcation were a whirlwind. Then, it seems I needed a day to recover from all the staying out late, drinking and yelling about indie craft businesses. Now I'm here to tell you all about what you missed in those lovely 48 hours. I hope you don't start weeping. Although, if you don't -- then you don't really understand Craftcation.