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2011 Plush You: A Photo Tour

Plush You! is an annual plush show run by Kristen Rask of Schmancy Toys.

Plush You! started in 2005 as a way to showcase awesome handmade toys. In October of 2007, the book, Plush You: Loveable Misfits to Sew and Stuff, was released.  Since then, Plush You! has been hosted at several other galleries in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

I attended the Plush You! opening reception on October 14th 2011 and took some photos of my favorite pieces. Enjoy!

Schmancy Toys in Seattle, WA

These cloud guys from Look What I Can Do are crazy cute. Last year I purchased a piece from this same artist: A weird,alien-looking girl holding a kitty cat. She has the same style eyes as the cloud-men so I recognized them immediately.

 Look What I Can Do at Plush You 2011

This little felted masterpiece has a freaking light-up heart inside. Jeez. Made by Moxie genius at its finest. She made me a little monkey with a big, red anus once as a custom order. Why? Mo special occasion... just because.

Made by Moxie at Plush You 2011

I bought the Tattooed Merman (the middle guy) from Pepper Stitches. My merman makes me want to dye my hair blue and get full body tattoos to match his. Maybe I'll sleep on it... but the urge IS there.

Unanimous Craft Regional Craftologist

Devout Dolls is always a stand-out and her cutest sewing kitty with all the accessories you could possibly imagine is no exception. Smooch.

Devout Dolls at Plush You 2011

Excited Coffee Pot by Scrumptious Delight, anyone? This is the point in the show where I realized that I am drawn to the same artists over and over again. I was oogling a tray of tater tots (each with a different expression) made by the same artist last year. Doug bought it as a gift for my birthday and hid it in our house. He wouldn't tell me where it was and it took me over a month to find it. Where was it? In that weird drawer under the oven that you only use if you cook things.

Yeah, that took some time.

Excited Coffee Pot by Scrumptious Delight at Plush You 2011

Excited Coffee Pot close up. Awhhhhh, look at his little toofers.

Excited Coffee Pot by Scrumptious Delight at Plush You 2011

These zombie strawberries by Plushroom Soup have entertained me every time I've gone to Schmancy in the recent past. They are just the greatest. And gross at the same time. Love.

Zombie Strawberries by Plushroom Soup at Plush You 2011

I also was mystified by these plush clocks. Even though I think time should Suck It - and leave me alone -- The idea of a plush clock is really cool. Yay, Cutesy but not Cutesy. Good job.

Cutsey But Not Cutsey at Plush You 2011

Fuzzy clock-monster close-up.

Cutsey But Not Cutsey at Plush You 2011

And some crowd shots of the Schmancy space. This was just moments after the opening reception started.

Schmancy Toys Plush You 2011


Schmancy Toys Plush You 2011

Delicious. I love the Plush You! show. I attend every year and always end up buying something that I get to enjoy year-round. Even though you missed the opening, if you are in the Seattle area, you can still see the show hanging until mid-November. Get there.

Now, help me drool over great plush art. Who is your favorite Plush artist?

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